About Journo

Journo.com.tr is a bipartisan media organization aiming to enhance quality of journalism practices in Turkey through educational activities and to advocate freedom of speech through opening spaces for unemployed or freelancer journalists who are looking for mediascapes to publish their works.


As team of Journo, we define ourselves as young, positive, bipartisan and globally conscious journalism professionals and academics. We declared our slogan as “An independent media for media professionals.” Our main focus is on new media sphere and emerging digital journalism skills in new media.


  1. Creating non-profit education programs for journalism professionals, journalists of the future such as university students and non-professional journalists like bloggers or citizen reporters.
  2. Creating mediascapes for professional journalists to publish their work after reproducing it with new production technics that are not applied in conventional newsrooms or existing digital editorial processes in Turkish mediascape.
  3. Creating opportunities for media professionals lacking skills that are needed in the age of new media and provide them an opportunity to avoid precariousness caused by shift to new broadcasting systems and technologies.
  4. Creating a solidarity network among the journalists where they can discuss and publish their ideas about future of journalism.


  1. TGS Academy: TGS Academy is now a two-year-old seminar series composed of presentations and workshops regarding emerging new media themes such as data journalism, information security, data visualization, web design and development, using SEO efficiently in journalism. More than a hundred young and elder journalists have been graduated from academy so far. Some of our partners for TGS academy were Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Kadir Has University and Kopinor Foundation from Norway.
  2. Journo Print Version: Journo started its life as a printed magazine that is sent to media professionals in Turkey. We’ve published four issues in 2015 and dozens of journalists had a chance to publish their content regarding journalism and other relevant issues in Journo.
  3. Becoming online in March 2016 Journo.com.tr became much more influential than ever in Turkey’s journalism sphere. We published articles, news and interviews by more than 80 journalists. In average, unique views per day is ower 3 thousand and our web site has been clicked more then 300 thousand times so far. While our twitter followers are over 5 thousand and Facebook followers are around 2 thousand; we expect this number to be over 15 thousand for Twitter and 10 thousand for Facebook by December 2016.


Mustafa Kuleli, Journalists Union of Turkey (TGS) General Secretary, was elected three years ago as the youngest union head. He successfully launched a communication campaign to change the image of TGS and to make the trade union attractive among young journalists. Under his leadership, the TGS managed to secure new collective agreements in several media outlets and promoted the values of fair working conditions and press freedom in new working places. He graduated from Bilgi University’s School of Journalism in 2008. He has since worked in various media organizations including Evrensel, Hayat TV, TV8, NTVMSNBC and IMC TV.

Sarphan Uzunoglu is a lecturer  at Kadir Has University Public Relations and Information Department. Prior to becoming a lecturer in Kadir Has University he worked as an advisor in Turkish Great Nation Assembly (TBMM) for HDP Istanbul MP Sırrı Süreyya Önder for four years. Currently he is a PhD Candidate at Galatasaray University Media and Communication Studies. He graduated from Kadir Has University New Media Graduate Program after finishing his thesis Resistance From Within Hegemony: Rise of Semi-Anonymous Resistance in Turkey’s New Media Environment. Uzunoğlu is recently a columnist for Turkish daily Taraf and he is also founder of popular alternative media platform Jiyan.org.

Orhan Şener, is graduated from İstanbul Bilgi University department of Business and Economics. After his bachelors degree, he has started studying in City University, London and has obtained his masters degree from the MSc program in ‘Information, Communication and Society’ with the dissertation titled “Online Political Participation Practices of University Students”. He has started his PhD in ‘Media and Communication Studies’ in Galatasaray University. Since 2014, he has been working on his dissertation project titled “Information Access, Filtering and Processing Practices of Digital Migrants: The Case of Journalists in İstanbul”.

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