About Journo

Journo.com.tr is a bipartisan media organization aiming to enhance quality of journalism practices in Turkey through educational activities and to advocate freedom of speech through opening spaces for unemployed or freelancer journalists who are looking for mediascapes to publish their works.


As team of Journo, we define ourselves as young, positive, bipartisan and globally conscious journalism professionals and academics. We declared our slogan as “An independent media for media professionals.” Our main focus is on new media sphere and emerging digital journalism skills in new media.


  1. Creating mediascapes for professional journalists to publish their work after reproducing it with new production technics that are not applied in conventional newsrooms or existing digital editorial processes in Turkish mediascape.
  2. Creating opportunities for media professionals lacking skills that are needed in the age of new media and provide them an opportunity to avoid precariousness caused by shift to new broadcasting systems and technologies.
  3. Creating a solidarity network among the journalists where they can discuss and publish their ideas about future of journalism.


Mustafa Kuleli, the general secretary of the Journalists’ Union of Turkey (TGS), was elected in 2013 as the youngest labour union head. At the age of 28, he successfully launched a communication campaign to reestablish the image of TGS and to rejuvenate the union, to make it more attractive among young journalists. Under his leadership, the TGS managed to secure new collective agreements in several media outlets and promoted fair working conditions and press freedom. A graduate of Bilgi University’s School of Journalism, he has worked for various media organisations including the Evrensel daily, Hayat, TV8 and IMC television channels, NTV, Diken and Duvar news websites. He is the founder of Journo.com.tr, and has been its edior-in-chief since 2015.

In 2019, The European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) has elected Kuleli to its Steering Committee with the highest number of votes.

Emre Kızılkaya has a B.A. degree on International Relations from Istanbul University and an M.A. degree on Journalism from Marmara University. He worked as a foreign news editor, managing editor and digital editor at Turkey’s Hürriyet newspaper from 2003 to 2019. Following his resignation, he conducted a research on media sustanability as a Knight Visiting Nieman Fellow at Harvard University. Currently, he is Journo’s project editor and continues his PhD at Galatasaray University’s Media and Communication program.